Informationen about our properties and your stay

For your Cape Coral Vacation we list some information below. If you have any further question, just let us know or give us a call @ (239) 745-7363. We want to give some information and assistance to our listing, that you can find all the information about the properties, prices, taxes and so on.

Price in the Listing
In the Listing page you see at first the lowest possible price you can book. The price can differ depending on the season, the amount of guests and there might be special offers. On the detail page of a property you will find all information about the prices, additional costs and many more.

Vacation homes in Cape Coral
There are many vacation homes in Cape Coral and as well many different price structures. You will find homes that have the same price all year round, houses with a high- and a low season, some may have a higher price on the holidays and some may not. Viewing the range of prices in the offer’s detail page, will help you to get all necessary information. If you are not sure about a offer, contact us direct or our office – we will get you to the facts you would like to know. On every property you will find a contact form in the lower right part of the detail page.

Taxes on offers
All prices are without taxes. This means that depending on the offer, you need to add the taxes to the price. To see how much the tax is on this particular property you have to take a look at the detail page of the property. For example, the taxes of boat rental and vacation homes are different. The deposit is tax free, because this is just for security. The final cleaning has the same tax-rate as the property. We will send you a detailed offer on request.

Enjoy your Cape Coral Vacation. We are looking forward meeting you.