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How we get your home sold!

To sell your home effectively and efficient should be the first thing that comes to mind if you are thinking about to sell your property. It is not just to list your property on the real estate market, you will need the help of some experienced and successful marketing tools to help sell your home as quickly as possible, while fetching the best price for your home. Sometimes the competition is huge, for example there are a lot homes for sale in Cape Coral. This is where we come in; helping you put things together and make your selling process as hassle-free as possible.

We start our real estate selling process with a free, non-binding visit to your home. We need to take a look at your home to find out what its oomph factor is, which will attract buyers to your home and not to the other homes for sale in your neighborhood.

Moreover, while you naturally want to get the best price for your home, it has to be realistic, comparable to the existing market values. Pledging too high rates only prolongs your sale process and in many cases, you eventually end up selling your home at a lower price as needed.

We will help you evaluate the right price for your home by creating a professional comparative market analysis, not only based on a data model. We will point out what makes your home special and include all the things you modified over the years in the listing price. We are experts at this. We are more than happy to show you the marketing tools and concepts we will be using on your home in the first fee appointment. Even if you are not so sure about selling your home, we will help you make the final decision with our no-obligation free analysis and consultation with you.

There are some important details you need to furnish to us to let us help you sell your property. For example, we need to know if you have a specific timeframe for selling your home. We need to know as much about your home as possible like any problems, advantages or upgrades you’d performed on your home as they all affect your home’s value.

Once we are done with our interview with you, we closely examine the real estate market to compare the active listed homes on the market, pending sales and sold properties which are comparable to your home.

We will also walk through your home if there are any potential upgrades to be done for the betterment of your home and rate. You needn’t worry about any staging during this walkthrough as we want to take a look at your home as it is, and make note things like tiles, countertops or landscaping which may require attention.

We next go to our office to compile all the collected data and use it to create a comparative market analysis of your home. The analysis shows your home’s evaluated sales price and any recommendations we have to make.

We talk all about our marketing concept, and how we plan to use it to advertise your property. The most important aspects to selling your property are making the right home evaluation and using a strong sophisticated marketing campaign.

We will create a listing agreement explaining and regulating all details once we receive permission to sell your property. We assure you that we will thoroughly go through the listing agreement and clearly explain each step. It’s only your final decision to proceed with the sales process, and after deciding on the listing price that we start our marketing campaign.

We start by having a professional photographer come on site to take photos of both the interiors and exteriors of your home. If required, we will make recommendations and give some nice and easy staging tips to make your home look better and more inviting in the photos. We will also arrange for a 360 degree walkthrough and an aerial drone flight of your property for its improved presentation.

Using all this digital material we next create your property write-up, high gloss flyer and brochures and publish the drone flight and walkthrough on our website. We will also create an MLS-listing of your home; send out our newsletter and postcards with information about your home and lots more to provide the necessary exposure to your home.

We carry out an extensive, efficient, Multilanguage and international marketing strategy and advertise on websites both inside and outside your area and the country. It’s based on our marketing campaign and your needs and wants that we decide to hold an open house once a week or fortnight.

We make sure we keep you constantly updated through all this with not only the incoming offers we receive, but also each and every step of the marketing campaign. We will clear any doubts and questions you may have both before and after the sale as we believe in maintaining long-lasting business relations with our clients.

There is a lot of difference in working with real estate professionals to sell your home instead of attempting to do it on your own. Real estate agents are in constant touch with the everyday changing real estate market and will be able to determine the best listing price for your property. It’s only if you have access to the latest data about your neighborhood’s recent sales and competitive listed homes is it possible to determine your home’s best listing price.

We not only use a professional marketing approach for your property and the latest technologies but we also make sure you deal only with real, serious, prospective buyers. We make sure your place looks great before a showing and will take care of making negotiations with the buyer.

There is always the possibility of your having to deal with unexpected questions and repairs between the initial listing agreement and the settlement or closing of the deal. We as your real estate experts will provide a solution to help resolve all issues so that we can quickly close the deal for you.

If you are pleased and interested with our services, marketing concepts and our businesses, all you need to do is call or send us an email. We will arrange for a free and non-obligating agreement when you can go through all our marketing materials. We assure you that your privacy is of utmost importance to us. We will never share or disclose your personal information to third parties! We sign off looking forward at meeting you!