Property Management Cape Coral

Property Management Cape CoralIf you own a nice property in Cape Coral or you are going to buy a property in Cape Coral that you want to turn it into a vacation home, you will need a Property Management Company in Cape Coral that suits your needs. Have you thought about what to expect from your Property Management? We assume the most important factor is to occupy your vacation villa at the best rate possible. Furthermore, happy returning clients.

We are always for the long run and won't trap you in long-term contracts. Our goal is to have satisfied landlords and returning guests. One of the key factors is to attract as many clients as possible who choose your property for their stay in Cape Coral. In Southwest Florida, we have millions of visitors each year and thousands of vacation properties. The competition is high and you need to be better or cheaper than your competitor. So, let’s be better. Yes, it is the same rule for everybody. We are continuously improving our service to offer always the best possible solution for you and your clients. Today’s clients want an exceptional service during the few days they choose us as their host. We will make it happen.

Every Property Management Cape Coral Company is different

Some characteristics are different from other Property Management Cape Coral Companies. We have guests from all over the world. Many speak English as their first language, many as their second language, some don’t. You always feel better if somebody is speaking your language, some questions – not only about the property or even the vacation, are easier to ask in your native language. We are fluent in English, Spanish, and German.

Our technical skills are exceptional, 20+ years of background in computer technics, web design, search engine optimization will make your life a lot easier. We take care that your property is represented the way it should be. On certain conditions, we provide a free website for your vacation villa or apartment with booking extensions and online payments. Everything synchronized with our Property Management Cape Coral website. And even more! We can add your personal booking calendar to almost every website – if we can get the permission.

The more you are represented on the internet the better. Of course, we can see the origin of every booking we get. Furthermore, we are always available for you and your / our guests if it comes to any sort of connectivity questions in your vacation villa. If it’s about the Wi-Fi connection, computer problems, email issues, and much more. For most guests, it will be very important to be online, receive emails, maybe have an office environment. With our technical skills, there will be always a solution.

Guest service is a part of Property Management Cape Coral

We offer a lot of information on our website to make the guest's life easier and more convenient. We add every month some content to it. Places to go with the kids, for a nice or romantic dinner or lunch, about the rules and regulations for boaters or anglers, and much more. Often guests don’t know where to search for an event like the Cape Coral bike night or the art walk in Fort Myers. We take care that it is never getting boring.

Our service goes far beyond, so we offer additional features you might not have available. If your guest needs a cradle, an Xbox for the kids, movies in a certain language – we have always some available and we are happy to have this little extra for your guests. Some of the extras are free, some need a small fee.

For you, the landlord of the property, it is an important factor that we are working with a cloud office. Every sheet of paper that belongs to your property you will find there by the next morning. If its incoming mail, your water bill, a handyman, a booking payment, and much more. We are available 24/7 for emergency calls and from 7 am to 8 pm for regular calls. For emergency calls we charge a small fee, we don’t want to make a light bulb an emergency.

Marketing for Vacation Homes in Cape Coral

Our Marketing activities are part of our daily work. We represent your property on many different websites in addition to our own website and to your property website. Home Away, Fewo direct, and many more are options for listing your property. Many sites will synchronize the booking calendar automatically, some will need us to synchronize manually. We will always take care that there is no double booking. We sent a monthly newsletter to our guests and touch base with every single guest. You are always welcome to inform the guest about improvements or even last-minute offers. We will add your information to our newsletter or in case of a last-minute we will send out a separate.

Another part of our marketing activities is to care about professional digital materials. Besides having the appropriate websites and portals we order professional photos. We will represent your vacation home in the best possible way. All our photos are taken professionally by a full-time photographer. In addition, we offer for every vacation home a drone flight as well as a virtual tour. Your clients will feel like they are in front of your door and they can take a walk thru your home.

As Real Estate Agents in Cape Coral, we are experienced in working with a lot of properties and we are always working with the highest ethical standards. Property Management Cape Coral and Real Estate Cape Coral are the only thing we do, every day, 7 days a week. We know the area, the properties, the events, and many visitors. We love what we do and you and your guest will feel it on every step take.

Don’t hesitate to call us with any questions about our properties, our Property Management Cape Coral, Real Estate Cape Coral, or any other question you might have. If you prefer to talk in person we are looking forward to meeting you at your location or at our office.

Turn your home into a vacation home or buying one

If you are thinking to turn your home into a vacation home or you want to buy a property. Pretty Cape Homes can help you find the right investment property. Cape Coral has a lot of nice locations where your investment will be successful. Take advantage of our experience and talk with us about Property Management Cape Coral.

We are always here to help.