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Real Estate Cape CoralReal Estate Cape Coral is always something to talk about. If the market is going up or down, is it a buyers or a seller’s market. Where is the best place for my property. The Real Estate Market in Cape Coral never stands still. If you are looking to buy now or in the furture, we recommend taking a moment taking to Mary. She is a wonderful person and licensed real estate agent in Cape Coral that you can trust and relay on.

If you are a guest, an Investor, a Homeowner or a business owner – we all have something in common, we love Real Estate Cape Coral. Some of us for pleasure, some of us for business and some of us for making money.

One of the many reason why we enjoy what we are doing. Every day is different, every sale is different and every buyer has different needs and wants. Depending on your family status you maybe like smaller properties. Maybe with a pool like the one we held on Open House last week – an amazing Property, move in ready, pool, in the desirable area of southwest Cape Coral, for an affordable sales price of 200K. A beautiful home for a young couple or your retirement.

As investor your needs are different, depending if you are looking for a property you can occupy yourself from time to time or just as an investment. Short- and long-term rentals are very different and you need to pay attention to some specific needs to be successful with your rental. Get the right information talking to Mary.


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